Lucky me

fatJust an average week in the gastronomic heaven of home cooking jeanette style!

Sunday: Went out to Quecumbar for music, wine and song.

Monday: Wat Tan Hor (smokey chinese noodles with prawns).

Tuesday: Steamed salmon with purple sprouting broccoli and potato salad.

Wednesday: Kerala fish curry.

Thursday: Jeanette out so had to fend for myself with a mushroom sauce on toast

Friday: Chicken goujons stuffed with cream cheese

When I left home for uni at the age of 18 I ‘learned’ to cook – pasta and a jar of sauce was about the best I ever got. I hope my kids appreciate what fantastic variety and expertise they’re tucking into. I know I do!

One thought on “Lucky me”

  1. Think gratitude for what we have is an extraordinary gift that we can give ourselves. Not many remember the many things that they do have as opposed what they do not have!

    Having said that, aren’t we lucky to have a chef at home?

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