Hugh Eland & Zeynep Karan

A very good friend from way back in college days, Hugh, got married in Prague this weekend.

Hugh and Zeynep
Hugh and Zeynep

Unfortunately we couldn’t go to the wedding but judging by the photos the weather was great and a good time was had by all…

Hugh was the best man at my wedding about 9 years ago and I was shocked by the amount of fantasy he wove into his speech. I can only hope his best man returned the favour on this occasion 🙂

Sarah Wedding

ian_sarah_wedding_20My youngest sister Sarah tied the knot the last weekend, to her lovely fiance Ian.

Sarah’s a teacher near Bath and Ian’s a successful property developer – making money “selling houses to the English” as his best man put it.

However their future plans revolve around more pastoral pursuits and Ian’s keenly interesting in goat farming.

When I was young we had goats on the farm, usually only two, and they were a right handful. Always escaping and eating my fathers latest garden plant. So what happens when you get 50 of them together I don’t know.

Anyway back to the matter in hand – it was a beautiful wedding, held over Saturday (church) and Sunday (music, food, dancing) and we saw lots of old friends. The marquee was on the back lawn where almost 10 years ago Jeanette and I had our lovely wedding reception.

A good time was had by all!