800px-Rainbow_flag_and_blue_skies [320x200]Why do many (european) languages have male, female and sometimes neuter words? What’s the point of it? To we English it seems so unnessesary and makes learning a language much harder.

Having said that English is no picnic. We could certainly simplify our spelling, and I’m told that our use of articles (the, a) is fraught with illogical rules.

3 thoughts on “Languages”

  1. Perhaps culturally other European nations are into expressing their feeling as opposed to keeping up appearances. If one wants to be heard then one has to specific words for a certain feeling without the need for alcohol to start talking?

  2. Yes but I think the link between the noun and whether it is ‘male’,’female’ etc doesn’t really exist. I think Television is German is masculine and feminine in French.
    However it seems to be a general rule that words borrowed from English end up being male. Cultural imperialism?

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