Convert MOD files

Conversion of .MOD files used on Panasonic camcorders.

SDCopy by Sektionschef

SDcopy V1.99 Beta by Sektionschef
SDcopy V1.99 Beta by Sektionschef

.mod files will play if you just change the file extension from .mod to .mpeg however if you do that and you recorded on your camera in 16:9 it will try and read the file as if it was shot in 4:3 resulting in a squashed picture. A few years ago, a kind person wrote some software to fix this and gave it away free. Unfortunately his website is gone now, so a copy of the software can be downloaded from here. I use “SDcopy V1.99  by Sektionschef” for all my .mod file conversions from my Panasonic SDR-SW20 it doesn’t squish the picture and it seems to be a “lossless” file conversion.

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