Fred Wells Gardens

What a great place Fred Wells gardens is.

It’s on the site of a former railway station, but it’s now a great hidden gem in Battersea.

  • It’s one of the only (possible the only) parks in Wandsworth where you can light a barbeque*.
  • It has a free tennis court.
  • Children’s playground with vomit-inducing spinner.
  • Open grassed area.
  • Dog friendly.
  • Great trees for climbing and den making.
  • Hide and seek all around.
Den Making Fred Wells Gardens
Den Making Fred Wells Gardens

Some facts about Fred Wells gardens

  • A small strip of land along one side of the park cost Wandsworth Council ¬£1.6M in 2008
  • Fred Wells was a long serving¬† Labour councillor of Wandsworth. It was opened in 1983 by Denis Waterman and Henry Cooper (why them is lost to the mysteries of time…)

* Barbeque area was given temporary trial status according to the notice in the park. Not sure if it’s still in force, but the barbeque tree trunk still exists.